Amber Grandalski

Rookie (3-7-89 / Erie, PA)

Biography of Amber Grandalski

Well my name is Amber. I'm almost 18 I graduated from high school early last summer. I'm going into my 3rd semester of college. I'm changing my major to Early childhood developement, and I want to be a preschool teacher.pretty sweet I know. I live with my dad and his gf. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I love to death. I can't wait to move up to the white mountains this summer.I Love the color green, im obsessed with leopord print stuff and I'm pretty much a health friend, and watch what I put into my body, and I try to stay active and healthy.Ummm, well I love to write, especially poetry. I have my own style of writing, you can critizie all you want, whether it's good or bad. I like comments so I can see how I can make my poems even better, maybe, hopefully.But all your comments are welcome ofcoarse.Don't be afraid to tell it like it is, cuz i am

Amber Grandalski's Works:

I have no books published, but I have a couple poems published on the internet, somewhere. Updates

Understanding Existance

Candle light flickering
from the corner of my eye
that really isn't there.
Am I really here?
Seeing is believing.
Faith, hope, love, and truth...
the happiness of these words
to survive,
to go on through life,

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