Amber Grandalski

Rookie (3-7-89 / Erie, PA)

Biography of Amber Grandalski

Well my name is Amber. I'm almost 18 I graduated from high school early last summer. I'm going into my 3rd semester of college. I'm changing my major to Early childhood developement, and I want to be a preschool teacher.pretty sweet I know. I live with my dad and his gf. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I love to death. I can't wait to move up to the white mountains this summer.I Love the color green, im obsessed with leopord print stuff and I'm pretty much a health friend, and watch what I put into my body, and I try to stay active and healthy.Ummm, well I love to write, especially poetry. I have my own style of writing, you can critizie all you want, whether it's good or bad. I like comments so I can see how I can make my poems even better, maybe, hopefully.But all your comments are welcome ofcoarse.Don't be afraid to tell it like it is, cuz i am

Amber Grandalski's Works:

I have no books published, but I have a couple poems published on the internet, somewhere. Updates

The Future In The Mirror

Looking at this handwritting
makes me feel hungry,
as he looks at himself
in the mirror
his wet hair.

The distance between us
is only

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