Amber Hatfield

Rookie (July 10,1991 / harlan, Iowa)

Biography of Amber Hatfield

I may only be 15 but if you talk to me you will find out I am as mature as someone in there 20s. I have had a very hard life and it isn't getting easier any time soon and I believe that is why I turned to poems. I will say I am a very troubled child but I am trying my hardest to cope with life and everything it has thrown at me. I like to stand out and I live for the shock factor. Most people say I am goth but I am just my own person and if you want to label me go for it because it doesn't bother me. I have gotten used to the imature commets because of my mohawk, blue hair and countless piercings. So if you want to offend me, good luck. Updates

The Truth About Trust

Life is hard,
love is strange,
nothing last,
people change,
people talk just a little too much,
so you never know just who to trust.

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