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i grew up in columbia i was raised by both my parents (wich we did not have alot of money we woould live without gas and electric sometimes but i know they loved me) and the foster system when my parents got me back it was only two years and my father died at the age of 43 his name was leroy wayne martin i was thirteen years old at the time by the time i was sixteen i dropped out of school to help my mom by the time i was 17 my mother passed away at the age of 43 her name was nedra ann thomas i lost myself for awhile i hit a rough spot i ended up abusing drugs to take the pain away when i turned 21 my boyfriend died of an overdose and thats when i relized that this wasnt me so i went back to school and got my highschool diploma and my cna i hve been clean for almost two years now and i plan on to further my career i am now 23 years old and have learend alot even from my parents even though they are both gone

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none hopefully one day Updates

As I Sit

as i sit i the darkness of my room i wonder where i went wrong in life i dont understand the pain i have been through the pain that i go through now was i that bad of a child to take the ones i lve the most away i try to get the memmories out of my head but the harder i try the more they come crashing like waves on a beach as i sit in the darkness

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