Amber Lyn Charneski

Rookie (19 July 1990 / Black River Falls, Wisconsin)

Biography of Amber Lyn Charneski

Amber Lyn Charneski poet

I have been writing poetry since March 16th,2005 after I had a problem with some of guys that live in my neighborhood. My first poem was titled The Land Of Broken Hearts, and is was based off of the cruel prank that these three guys pulled on me.That moment is really what started my love for poetry.

So when ever I was upset I would turn to poetry to just let all my emotions out. Now I spend several hours a day experimenting with my poetry. All of my poems are based off of real things and real people who have been important in my life. I Joined a school group called Apostraphe, because its the schools poetry club and it is a great place where I can openly share my poetry with other classmates and get there great feedback on my poems.

Every time I am around friends and people who care I get into my poetic mood. I have so many dreams in my life and I hope that all of them come true. One of my dreams is that some day my dreams will effect someone else and help them to understand what others are people are going through in life.

By the way I love all the Feedback that I can get so thank you for reading a little about me. I'll have more information for you at a later date. Updates

I Love You Chris

I always liked you Chris from the day we met

Lockets of mine have all remained quite empty
Oh how I have wait to find that right guy for me
Vancant my heart has been that for way to long
Emotionally my eyes have finally been opened

Your everything I've ever need when I was sad
Open arms and I just love that warm embrace

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