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Rookie - 62 Points [Amber Elizabeth McCalment] (December 28,1994 / Lafayette, IN)

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Hi, my name is amber. i'm twenty years old and my biggest passion is writing poetry. everything i write is straight from the heart. every word has a deep meaning behind it. all my poems and songs have meaning behind them all and that how i express my feelings...i have deep dark ones and i have deep sweet ones. i have funny ones that reflect from a memory of someone i loved or once knew or something i once did in the past. but all my poems are straight from my heart. they aren't the best but i'm working on getting them all published so one day they will be the best of me.

Amber McCalment's Works:

i have no published books yet. but however i do have poems published into several different books. one of them i can remember is a " With Honors" book tha has my poem from 5th grade in there. Updates


I sit and i wait for the bells to ring.
anxious to leave, bu during the chorus they sing.
tears of the young ones, gasps of the old.
for a life so short. the story was untold.

they all cried with dispair
the look of fear in there eyes.
weeping like children,
choking out there goodbyes.

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