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Rookie (June 23,1994-hopefully tomorrow / pine bluff arkansas)

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My name is Amber. I am 14. I want to grow up to be a veterinarian because i love animals. I am kinda sorta a vegitarian. The poems I write are the things that keep me from putting a razor to my wrist. I'm terribly sorry if you do not like my poems...
I have a best friend who understands how i feel completely her name is Beth. She also has poems on here too. my poem and her poem(s) are talking about the same boy... He deserves neither of us..
I love you Beth! ! (: ♥ Updates


I carve, cut, bleed, cry all because i want you by my side
Your name carved on me; scarred in me
I whisper your name as i cut more and more
blood falls..a tear falls on the W
the salt stings it making me cry out in pain
Are you happy now? Can you go live happily with her now?
You can act like everything is okay but it; s not and you know it
Do you think about me when you eff her?
Does she know you held me and told me you would never let me go?

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