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I have always enjoyed writing and the Harry Potter books have always been my favourite books. I have been enjoying reading since I was 5 and I have been getting more intellectual at it. I now also enjoy reading Dan Brown novels and I also like Lorelei Mathias novel, Step On It Cupid. I also love the works of Elizabeth Laird, Keith Gray, Louise Rennison and Tom Pow.

Amber Millar's Works:

I haven't published any books yet but I hope to in the near future. Updates

Perfect Girl

I am not a perfect girl,
I don't walk like I have a rod in my back,
I don't dress like a princess,
Or talk with a posh accent,
I don't have a long fancy name like Esmeralda Jocasta Williams-Moore,
I am plain old Amber Louise Millar,
Who makes her friends laugh,
And goes camping,
I am not afraid to laugh at myself,