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My name is Amber. I about to be 20 years old, I love poems, I see them as a way to express your hidden emotions! I live for today and whatever happens tommrow happens! Life is ment to live and I beleive taking it too seriously holds you back from truely living! I am a christian and believe that jesus did not die for us to waste away our lives! Art helps us with understanding and enlightens our souls! I plan on becoming an elemetary school teacher because to me they are one of the most influential people in a childs life...they teach children the basic knowledge that they need to survive in life!

I been through alot in my life and can easily see both sides of almost any situation!

All things happen for a reason and gods plans although sometimes seem twisted are in the end what will fullfill our lives! Fate And destiny run together but only take us so far its up to us to complete the journey it has lead us on! Updates

One Wish

If i could have one wish
it would be to not wish
wishing is nothing but a waste of time
but yet to have one we would spend all your money- till the last dime

Wishes are nothing but everything we cant have
Some would wish to calve (to produce an offspring)
Others for riches
But not I, I want no wishes

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