Amber Tiger

Rookie (4-4-77 / Albuquerque, NM USA)

Biography of Amber Tiger

Hello! I am the stay at home mother of three beautiful children. I am divorced which is the inspiration for the first poem I am submitting entitled 'The Rage to Be'. I have dabbled in poetry my whole life and have written many a lullabye for my children as I play classical acoustic guitar. I am attending school online at Kaplan University. I have just attained my associates degree and am continueing on for my bachelors in computer programming. I currently live in Albuquerque, New Mexico but have traveled and lived all over the world. I lived in Germany for 12 years as my father worked for the U.S government. He was not in the military so we always lived off base which made life quite interesting. It was great. I traveled all over Europe during those years and experienced things most people only dream of. New Mexico is beautiful but I will be moving soon to Louisiana to reside with the Love of my life! My best friend and comrade since my youth. Good times are a'comin! ! Anyway! That's me! Hope you enjoy the words I have to offer... Amber Tiger Updates

The Night

Nightmare upon nightmare of things to come
And those frightening memories of the past
The dream of the flowers rarely to surface
And when it does it never lasts
The creature of the night looks upon you
As it creates ways to make you hurt more
The angel of promise forever surrendering
To the darkness with torture in store
You start to wonder if the two are not one

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