Amberly Orlando

Rookie [Amberly] (05/13/1984 / Merritt Islando, FL)

Biography of Amberly Orlando

I am a 28 year old working professional who likes to let her inner child out through art, poetry and music. I have been writing ever since I can remember. I had an amazing teacher in elementary school, second grade I believe, who encouraged my creativity and I wrote many stories about a make believe lion. That soon transformed into poetry and I've been writing ever since. Everything from love and friendship as I grew and matured, to hate and angst during my volatile teenage years, to pain and spirituality in my college young adult years. I am reaching another pivotal moment in my life as I near my third decade on this planet, and I have decided to pick up the pen yet again.

Music has also been a part of my life for almost just as long. I picked up my first instrument, the clarinet, at the age of 11 and went on to win several competitions throughout high school and college. I've also performed in both volunteer and professional ensembles, as well as given many solo and collaborative recitals. Since receiving my bachelors in music from USF I have taken a select few private students teaching clarinet lessons and tutoring in music theory.

Along the way I have met many creative souls who have also inspired me. I developed a love of abstract art while in college and rooming with art majors. I may not create show stopping center pieces, but I do enjoy painting and I have a few pieces that I hold very dear to my heart.

I hope to share my love for all things creative with you here and to maybe inspire you a little, if only for a moment, to follow your dreams. Whatever they may be.

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Mush (Amberly ©3/12/13)

Falling into an empty space
Everything slows its pace
Nothing in and nothing out
An intelligence drought
Consciousness is fuzzing
Background noise is buzzing
Falling down a black hole
Deep and dark as coal
An empty abyss

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