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So I have experienced some years of life. I have tried. I have failed. I have lived. Not died yet, but have imagined it. My mind is not a very bright place and I like it like that. I have been known to be quite 'out there'. I take it that I do not have to explain myself to another poet, these things, feelings and emotions are why a lot of us start writing. Start wanting to change things or escape things. It is why we create our own worlds and walk blindly in reality. My heart beats for my inner worlds. Reality is a strange place for me, it is too happy at moments and others too sad, it doesn't have a balance. It is a scale that keeps tipping from one side then to the other, but I guess that is what makes the world interesting.My poems are rather different, but many poets would probably say the same. Its the eyes you look at the poems with that changes. Updates

What Night Brings

Ever wonder what is actually real.
What could be the reason we feel.
Why do we sometimes not understand
and what reason is there to always stay on land.

Have you ever thought about a world beyond our reach,
something that no one can teach.
A feeling as powerful as a lightning bolt
and as strong as the strongest volts.

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