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54. Tears 10/18/2006
55. Little Love Poems 12/7/2006
56. Self Harm 10/29/2006
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Self Harm

It’s funny how you judge me
For how I release my pain
You look at me and think
That I must be going insane

But who are you to say
That what I chose to do is wrong
The one thing that may have saved my life
Has been no good all along?

Maybe I should follow you
And sit back and have a drink?
Then maybe for a little while
I wouldn’t have to think

And then because of the alcohol
Of my body I may lose control

But that’s ok to you
Because it’s every ones else solution
And of course what I do is a delusion

Even though it picks me...

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My Solution

Shivers running down my back
And tears filling my eyes
Once again I am alone
When I let down my disguise

I’m hearing noises in my head
Voices of confusion
And once again turning to self harm
Seems to be my only solution

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