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56. Self Harm 10/29/2006
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Self Harm

It’s funny how you judge me
For how I release my pain
You look at me and think
That I must be going insane

But who are you to say
That what I chose to do is wrong
The one thing that may have saved my life
Has been no good all along?

Maybe I should follow you
And sit back and have a drink?
Then maybe for a little while
I wouldn’t have to think

And then because of the alcohol
Of my body I may lose control

But that’s ok to you
Because it’s every ones else solution
And of course what I do is a delusion

Even though it picks me...

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I seem to have this fascination
That creates such aggravation
That no one understands
An explanation it demands

I’m finding joy in pain
Self destruction does reign
Scars hidden beneath the surface
Undressing makes me nervous

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