Amera Andersen

Rookie (12/03/81 / New Jersey)

Biography of Amera Andersen

I'm a formal poet and have written in more than 50 poetic forms. I am the creator of the Shadow Sonnet. Form source:

I also have used the pen name: Amera Eileithyia

I hope you enjoy my poetry and find the tools that I have compiled useful. Most of my poetry is composed in accepted forms but you may find a Free Verse poem or two here. Most of my work is posted on

Amera is a classically-self-taught poet, award-winning author, social-butterfly and Renaissance thinker who leads from the heart toward a world of unlimited possibilities, She believes every person is worthy of being loved and deserves know and explore their own unique and beautiful talent. She believes that poetry is a gift and with help and support from other poets that gift can be perfected and carry the art to a new level. Updates

Spirit To Spirit

Spirit to Spirit

So many things have turned my spirit so.
Yet I do resist and yield to it yet.
Know that I give my strength for you to know.
Forget you? No, I shall never forget.

Left with my sandpaper dreams since you left.
Love lies in my spirit, for you my love.

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