Amera Andersen

Rookie (12/03/81 / New Jersey)

Amera Andersen Poems

41. Unwilling 4/28/2008
42. Blessings On Film 4/28/2008
43. The Flight Of The Bennu 4/28/2008
44. A Tree In The City 5/23/2008
45. Dollhouse 5/23/2008
46. Forbidden Fruit 5/30/2008
47. Measured Metaphor 5/30/2008
48. Toast To A Dead Poet 5/23/2008
49. Butterfly Of Mind 7/18/2008
50. Can’t Hold It Any Longer 7/18/2008
51. Affairs Of Heart 8/9/2008
52. Her Shell 11/20/2008
53. Love Note 11/20/2008
54. 1 Corinthians 10: 26 11/20/2008
55. Isaiah 64: 8 11/20/2008
56. Cinder Of Soul 12/23/2008
57. Vineyards Of Verse 12/23/2008
58. Discarded Doll 12/23/2008
59. No Grey 12/23/2008
60. Printed Passage 12/23/2008
61. Creator, Destroyer 12/23/2008
62. Never Again 12/23/2008
63. The Queens Gambit 12/23/2008
64. An Inkling Of Wisdom 12/23/2008
65. Call Of The Sea 4/29/2009
66. Floral Intellect 4/29/2009
67. Etheree In Key Of F 4/29/2009
68. Moral Majority Unite 4/29/2009
69. The Mariner’s Revenge 4/29/2009
70. Stuck 4/29/2009
71. Assets 3/5/2010
72. Boxcar Blues 3/5/2010
73. The Life Of A Streetlamp 3/5/2010
74. Becoming A Cat 3/5/2010
75. Because Of You … 6/12/2010
76. Absolution 7/14/2007
77. Grandma The Hussy 7/14/2007
78. Mashed Potatoes In My Hair 7/14/2007
79. Pirate Story 7/16/2007
80. Raven’s Flight 7/17/2007

Comments about Amera Andersen

  • Kristin Davis (8/11/2007 8:05:00 PM)

    One of the best people, let alone poets I know is right here! Heart unlike any, spirit that is willing, and a soul that captivates my every being with her work. An inspiration to many and a friend to even more.

    Darlin' Amera, you have it all right there at your fingertips. I know you don't feel like you do at times; however, when you feel like you can't get there... close your eyes and think of me.

    You will one day be writing of your past dreams in comparison to how they are today, and when you feel totally, and absolutely complete with the universe, and you will... you will find where I left off.

    I love you and you have touched my life in so many ways. I don't know what I would ever do with you absent from my life. With that being said, thank God for you! For you in ever way!


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Best Poem of Amera Andersen

Evil Poetess

I opened the diary of her mind,
as this dark woman, came into my life
and I turned her pages only to find,
a tortured soul that is filled with strife.

She penned on her pages in blood red ink,
closing the cover to keep people out.
She’s petrified, of what others might think,
If they read her mind and witness her doubt.

I have a lover a kind hearted soul,
who gives of himself to make her feel free
but this deranged woman will eat him whole;
my all trusting lover, too blind to see.

I need to protect him, keep him from harm,
before she ...

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Sweet Corazon

She came to me with her transparent dreams
A pregnant young girl with her life to give
Death swims before her in hazy illusion
Forced and raped, she was left in pain
Searching for someone to make it all stop
Wandering aimless she searches for help

She goes without sleep and thinks it will help
A sordid parasite that eats at her dreams

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