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Glad I Found Your Love

I sit here and talk to the ocean with a cool northern breeze
my thoughts are for the one i love, the one i'll never leave

The golden sand beneath me the waves around my feet

Must Not

I must not long to hold you cos thats someone elses joy
I must not long to kiss you cos your someone elses boy
I must not let my eyes light up each time i hear your name
cos your someone elses boy my friend but i love you all the same


I wish i could believe you but you say what i want to hear
you softly whisper i love you yet those words i deeply fear

your as insecure as i am this much i know is true

At Peace Now

In loving memory of my cousin Jon Jon loved and missed always...

A talented footballer he had far to go
bad company and wicked friends it just goes to show

Love We Have Together

The anticipation the waiing the pain
the frustration and hurt as i spell out his name
In the arms of another but once in mine
you used to make my whole world shine

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