Aminat Opatola

Veteran Poet - 1,290 Points [Titilewa] (1 july 1992 / Lagos)

Biography of Aminat Opatola

Aminat opatola graduated from secondary school as an art student in school, year(2010) at olmot private college. She Has passion for novels and books..she derived interest most expecially in writing by pouring out what lies in her hearts and thoughts.
She had an Hnd certificate in Marketing @ moshood abiola polytecnic now (moshood abiola university of science and technology) .
Currently serving her father land (nysc) in oyo state (ibadan) . She Love being around idealistic and intellectual friends.

Aminat Opatola's Works:

Meeting with conscience. Updates


Shades are seen,
darkness invade through shattering branches,
the cricket savouring in their tulip nontides.
The birds chirp flying across the dark deserts,
the animals battered into their trashed abode,
the waves of gale pulls helpless sands and roam around the streets in violence,
roofs rooted away, windows dispersed on bloated roads,
cars sinked in the bane of crafty floads,
restless spirits sways through roaring winds.

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