Aminat Opatola

Veteran Poet - 1,290 Points [Titilewa] (1 july 1992 / Lagos)

Aminat Opatola Poems

1. Stars 4/6/2018
2. Loving You 4/14/2018
3. The Best Dad 4/16/2018
4. Magnificent 4/19/2018
5. Ode To The Brave Heart. 4/24/2018
6. Moon 5/2/2018
7. A Broken World 5/6/2018
8. Meeting With Conscience 5/20/2018
9. Nysc (Clarion Call) 6/1/2018
10. Faces Of The Fortitudes 7/15/2018
11. First Of July 7/19/2018
12. A Note Of Feelings 7/21/2018
13. Ballad Of An Unknown Singer 7/29/2018
14. I Am Black 7/31/2018
15. A Letter To Life 6/11/2018
16. Dear Little Heart (Triolet) 5/5/2018
17. Sunrise 4/28/2018
18. Let Me Kiss Your Tears Away 4/17/2018
19. In My Country, Yet I Stand. 4/13/2018
20. Storm 4/7/2018
21. If 4/9/2018
22. Nature 4/10/2018
23. My Woman 4/12/2018
24. Angels 4/12/2018
25. New Month 5/1/2018
26. The Music In Me 5/29/2018
27. Rain 4/6/2018
28. About Me. 4/13/2018
29. A Bird 5/12/2018

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Best Poem of Aminat Opatola

A Bird

Watching her in her sweetest fettles,
flying with wings of gentle flush over the air's freshness,
Her taper feathers catching at all things
and binding her about in tiny rings,
up, up away she goes,
twisting round
heaven with little rectrices,
swooning in the sweetness of the air and
showering in the morn bud with the day's voices,
her features held up her crown of gold
and catching the day's sunshine with joysful moves.
Flying to the branches of the dull gray woods, and out from its sunned to a sheltered nooks,
flying over sea full of waves, ...

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I adopt the pace of nature for her secret is patience.
The assurance that dawn comes after night and spring after winter.
We live in her seasons as we passes and breath her refreshing air, taste her fruits and resign ourselves to the beauty she creates around us.
Lets climb mountains and get nature's good tidings, let her peace flows into us as sunshine flows into trees,
lets look at her beauty and purify our mind,
lets surround her intelligence and we could all rise up like rooted trees,

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