Amit Biswas

Rookie (6th January,1960. / West Bengal, India)

Biography of Amit Biswas

Believe in living life passionately, never could bring myself in defining my goals, in a manner to simply go forward in professional or social life, by the parameters one is normally judged! Something else which are possibly akin to discipline not just in actions but of thoughts, or honesty not just in material sense but in abstract too are important and in pursuing these even if I am seen to be a low achiever or a faliure in life, I would gracefully accept it with all the humility and continue to walk on the beaten path. Updates

994: Prism Of Life

Love, marriage and love
Are faces of the same prism,
With one’s life at the base,
Prisms vary in sizes and shapes,
Some have more area, others faces!

A base can not share faces from two,
Faces have measure zero,
Several of them from different ones,

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