Amit Radha Krishna Nigam

Rookie - 15 Points (July,1986 / North India)

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Amit Radha Krishna Nigam poet

I wonder, what i show and what i really hide,
beneath my big eyes, worned by dark lines inheriting ages of my father,
beneath my assets, rusted and lone, in lost shelf of memories, hardly visible
beneath my wishes, I seldom cry making such, in fear of losing, or in a hope to get,
beneath my social life, where I show what no one knows and I will never show although,
beneath my pains and sufferings, I resist to bear sometimes, when they keep on coming.
Beneath all my dreams, I cherish with eyes open or close, and lived many times,
Or beneath my soul, hidden treasures and the secret of my being, secret no one knows.
Until i show them or until someone discovers and let me find,
that I hide, things
special enough to be written down like these?

Amit Radha Krishna Nigam's Works:

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You Hold My Soul

The Sky has changed to a different color now
It's not the same underneath which you blossomed
in front of my secretive eyes.

In summers, we boarded the trains together
sitting close beside, and every station
receeded with a short-lived perfectness.

Those that now collide on empty roads at city-afternoons.

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