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  • Allemagne Roßmann Allemagne Roßmann (1/30/2010 5:44:00 PM)

    From: Obed Dela Cruz (Marikina Philippines; Male; 15)
    To: Aamit Rothschild
    Date Time: 1/30/2010 12: 55: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: hi

    Dear poet,

    January 2010 is about to end. It will never come back except through memories. I hope you liked this month. Next month will be February. I would like to request you to write poems about love… a love for your nation… a love that can change the world… a love that can save the environment… a love that can bond a family together… a love that can heal broken relationships… and other various forms of real love.

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  • Allemagne Roßmann Allemagne Roßmann (1/28/2010 7:12:00 PM)

    From: Shakil Tambey (United Kingdom ;)
    To: Amit Ray
    Date Time: 7/10/2009 6: 38: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: Your poetry.

    Keep up the excellent writing. What sort of a doctor are you? I think your vocation informs your writing. Please write back to clarify whether I am correct in this assertion. Nonetheless, I have enjoyed reading your work. Kind regards, Shakil.

  • Allemagne Roßmann Allemagne Roßmann (1/28/2010 6:54:00 PM)

    From: Monica Monet (4560 Australia; Female; 57)
    To: Amit Ray
    Date Time: 12/29/2009 6: 33: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: Re your poem sent to me...

    Hi Amit

    That was a deep and interesting development re an element with many facets and I appreciate your sending me this poem. Indeed water is truly ubiquitous.

    Kind regards


  • Allemagne Roßmann Allemagne Roßmann (1/28/2010 6:52:00 PM)

    From: Marieta Maglas (suceava Romania; Female; 46)
    To: Amit Ray
    Date Time: 12/30/2009 11: 26: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: GALLOW

    wonderful poem and
    happy new year


  • Allemagne Roßmann Allemagne Roßmann (1/28/2010 6:50:00 PM)

    From: Jake Shelvey (Hillingdon United Kingdom; Male; 14)
    To: Amit Ray
    Date Time: 12/30/2009 11: 28: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: Re: A Christmas-singing her soprano

    Heya there
    Great poem, one of the best I have read actually.

  • Allemagne Roßmann Allemagne Roßmann (1/28/2010 6:47:00 PM)

    From: Cris Vargas (United States ;)
    To: Amit Ray
    Date Time: 12/30/2009 4: 41: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: Gallow

    Hi Amit, read your poem. Loved it. Really. Note: I think the first part completed the 'Gallow' thought. Each other part could have been poems/thoughts onto themselves. Each part provides great impact alone. Very nice.

  • Allemagne Roßmann Allemagne Roßmann (1/28/2010 6:42:00 PM)

    From: Fairy 13 (fresno United States; Female; 18)
    To: Aamit Rothschild
    Date Time: 1/28/2010 6: 05: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: fairy

    im the new girl.
    how r u?

  • Allemagne Roßmann Allemagne Roßmann (1/28/2010 3:40:00 AM)

    From: Justin Unanue (Riverside, California United States; Male; 17)
    To: Amit Ray
    Date Time: 1/25/2010 9: 02: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: Hello, Amit Ray

    You do your super cool, awesome and sexy!

    Thanks in advance,
    Justin Unanue(yoo-nan-way)

  • Allemagne Roßmann Allemagne Roßmann (1/22/2010 8:57:00 PM)

    From: anushmadhu P.Bharathi (Delhi India; Male; 42)
    To: Amit Ray
    Date Time: 1/19/2010 9: 01: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: hi

    dear friend
    I know, you are a recognized poet in this site.
    kindly read my poems and comment,
    in your free time.
    we have to share our thoughts using this opportunity.

  • Allemagne Roßmann Allemagne Roßmann (1/22/2010 8:54:00 PM)

    From: Sridevi Datta (Visakhapatnam India; Female; 36)
    To: Amit Ray
    Date Time: 1/20/2010 2: 36: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00)

    Subject: Thanks

    Hello Mr Amit

    You are an intense poet....your pain can actually be felt in some of your poems....

Best Poem of Amit Ray

****~arranged Marriage~****

And they came all blueberry cranberry blackberry cherry
and I remained dumbfounded whom to pop and whom to marry
worry and merry like tom and jerry
in a flurry to life`s golden galarie
and I went on choosing a perfect french for my calvary
Britanny my red carpet strawberry

Left mrs discreet and right miss discrete in ferry
my rubber is perplexed where to serry
Then an old pal Sherry called on from Banbury
telling she knows a single mom gooseberry to take my Cadbury
But women made always my life ghetto like
the syllables of sonnetina rispetto telling tales...

Read the full of ****~arranged Marriage~****

****~in Sunderbans~****

Your Name: Amit Ray

Title of Poem: In Sunderbans

The Body of the Poem:

In Sunderbans where tigers roar
Mangroves dense vast surroundings explore
Black stripes sniffed on orange flesh

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