Amity Willows

Amity Willows Poems

1. Hope 9/15/2007
2. My Love Is Mine 9/16/2007
3. Vanished 9/16/2007
4. Why Do You Run? 9/16/2007
5. Rain Fall Down On Me 9/16/2007
6. Broken 9/16/2007
7. After All 9/16/2007
8. It's Time 9/16/2007
9. As I Go 9/16/2007
10. Hide Away 9/15/2007
11. I Wish 9/16/2007
12. Devil Job 9/21/2007
13. Sometimes It Takes A Friend 10/18/2007
14. My Dearest Brother, You Have Heard Wrong 10/19/2007
15. Safe 9/16/2007
16. Happily Everafter Live 9/18/2007
17. Unwanted Tendencies 9/17/2007
18. Fast Food Hell 9/22/2007
19. I Will Be Me 9/16/2007
20. The Willow Of Amity 9/15/2007
21. A New Day 9/16/2007
22. As I Gaze 9/16/2007
23. I Walk Alone 9/16/2007
Best Poem of Amity Willows

I Walk Alone

I walk alone,
No one to guide me,
I run alone,
From night that smothers.
My bleeding heart,
Lost in summer gone,
My racing thoughts,
Divided from my mind.
Dreams torn,
Dreams of nightmares,
I wish to leave here,
And never look back.
Past, future, present,
Swept up in tide of time,
We are nothing if not lost,
Lost in the current that divides.

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My Love Is Mine

Drag my scattered thoughts,
Drag them from me,
I don’t mind,
They are just burdens.
Tear my dreams away,
Take them all if you please,
They only burden me.
Scatter my memories,
Scatter them to the winds,

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