Ammara Gull

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Biography of Ammara Gull

There are many famous and popular poets in the world of poetry, whose poetry reads that the beauty of the world is enjoyable. But today we have a very new poet named " Ammara Gull" . From some of her poetry we had selected rhymes for you.Hope you will like these lines.

Ammara Gull's Works:

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Aay Dill-E-Baykhabar

اے دل بے خبر

ابھی ضد نہ کر میری بات سن
ذرا یہ جان لے ، تو میری مان کے

یہاں کون ہے جو تجھ سے پیار کرے
جو تجھ سے وفا کرے

کوئی نہیں جو تیرے لیے دعا کرے

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