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Amos Christopherson Poems

41. Sostin 1/16/2015
42. The Departure 1/16/2015
43. My Worry 1/16/2015
44. If I Get A Job 12/2/2013
45. Come, I Hear Noise In The City Again 11/21/2013
46. Now What Can They Do 2/6/2014
47. My Wife Is Coming Back 3/25/2013
48. New Clothes New Habits 2/1/2013
49. As We Hurry Into The Taxi Park 1/15/2013
50. Change 8/13/2013
51. What Do People Want To Hear 6/4/2013
52. Before I Met Your Love 6/6/2013
53. Listening To Music 11/14/2013
54. Beautiful To Lose 1/23/2015
55. My Right Hand 2/4/2014
56. I'Ve Found Love At Last 7/30/2014
57. Mum's Little Baby Boy 1/23/2015
58. Nature Of History 8/19/2013
59. I Refuse To Be Comforted 6/26/2013
60. Rain 7/1/2013
61. My Voice, What If No One Is Hearing It! 2/25/2016
Best Poem of Amos Christopherson

My Voice, What If No One Is Hearing It!

We will be taken captives of the rebellion demands
Bloodshed pictures are forcibly grabbed from our hands

Burnt and then later are perfumed
So as out there rottenness may still while zoomed
smell as glamorous sugary rose flowers stooped

The weak beggars, the one-eyed, the gawky needy
The crippled, and the poor suffer a lot
Our voices are echoed back at our hearing so dainty
We are hushed by men of embezzled fiat

No one will ever rise to our uplifting
O my voice, what if no hears it

When shall this ever end I ask?

We have lost confidence...

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Behind The Blind Mind

You said the man you talked with is blind
But he pointed out fingers to someone he's then unkind

You talked with a blind person
But he can give someone poison

You said he walks kind and tender
But cannot you accept as true he's a pretender

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