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Rookie (september 20,1991 / Connecticut)

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I've been writing since the sixth grade, and I always have a poem in the works, either a topic, or a scratch poem in the editory process. I've been published here and there, mostly by those scam sites, that SAY they've published me... though I'm too cheap to buy their anthologies so who knows. Writing just comes naturally to me, I hope you like my work but even if you hate it I'll keep on doing it anyway, I've found the best poems are those that are just for myself. I'm greatful for any feedback and take all comments into account.
On a personal note, I'm obsessed with werewolves, on my way to college next year (scared stiff, but excited) , hoping to land a career working with animals (preferable wild ones) ... and that's pretty much me. Updates


Strangers in the same home,
is it really that?
With all the space between us,
Where is that heart?
That love a kid has to have,
to stay sane,
the love for a parent,
how am I supposed to find love,

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