Amy Berry

Rookie (17/01/1992 / Brisbane, Queensland)

Biography of Amy Berry

I am fourteen years old, i have two younger siblings, live with both my parents and I have written three poems in two years, two about people close to me and one about the War which I feel greatly about, especially the Vietnam War. I am living in Jimboomba, Queensland, not far from Ipswich and Logan. I go to school at Flagstone State Community College, a relitvely new school, it has only been open five years. If any one lives around those areas please contact me, I would like to know someone who shares my intrest in poetry. I would also like to have a penpal. If anyone is interested you can contact me by e-mail at ''

I also play softball in summer and winter, summer at Ipswich and winter at Logan

Amy Berry's Works:

I have been in the poets of oz poetry book, which involved the published to enter the Write-4-fun competitionin 2005 and the Simply Poetry book which is also a Write-4-Fun competition. in those competitions i sent in my poems, 'My Friends' and 'Someone Special'. i am now on the International War Veterans Poetry site with the poem 'An Aussie Soldier'. the site address is http: //

earlier on this year I did an essay on the First World War and after i got the information i sat down and in two hours i had written 'An Aussie Soldier'. that poem is my best so far i think and it is currently going all over the state and is also currently residing in government house! Updates

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