Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael Poems

1. So... 7/7/2009
2. Mona Lisa 7/18/2009
3. The Right Line 9/3/2008
4. That Night 10/7/2008
5. Andy 11/20/2006
6. Jennifer 11/20/2006
7. Not Quite Self-Loathing 11/21/2006
8. Valentines, Crushes, First Loves And More 11/21/2006
9. The Only One 6/16/2007
10. My Return 9/20/2007
11. My Calm 8/30/2008
12. A Sketch Of Love 7/18/2009
13. Don'T Leave Things Unsaid, Or You'Ll Have To Decipher 32 Pages Of Bollox And Read Between The Lines To Get The Message. 8/2/2007
14. The Commitment Phobe 11/18/2006
15. The Formation Of A Star 12/8/2006
16. Maybe Baby 8/21/2007
17. Secret 9/7/2007
18. The Price Of Popularity 8/23/2007
19. Inspire Me 8/24/2007
20. I Wanna 8/21/2007
21. A Million Of One Boy 7/28/2007
22. Running Scared 5/26/2007
23. The Price Of These Words 7/19/2007
24. My Deception 8/23/2007
25. My Relationship 8/21/2007
26. True Love? 10/2/2006
27. My Favorite Places 8/25/2007
28. Self-Destruction 11/18/2006

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  • james (7/11/2018 7:17:00 PM)

    I need your help to prove who the real killers are

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  • Sojourner Truth Cecil (3/9/2013 5:32:00 PM)

    These poems were not written by the famous poet and missionary, Amy Carmichael.

  • Dark Piccaso (3/16/2007 4:21:00 PM)

    I agree, your talented alright.

Best Poem of Amy Carmichael


I know your secret.
You told me yourself.
And those grades you attribute, to me and my help.

You work all the time, you have commitments to list,
Your lack of time for me leave me a little pissed.
I've dug you out, accepted your flaws,
Now i need YOUR help, help without that pause!
Do you find me a burden? that you hesitate so?
Well i don't need you! i have drink and Blow.

So i dig myself in and blame everyone else
And you won't understand why I do this to myself
See, i can't bear the way everyone's let me down,
Sometimes, beside you, I scream ...

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I know you thought we could make it
And I know the blame doesn’t lie with you
It’s not your fault-not even a little bit
It’s me and my selfishness, no matter what you argue.

I’ve known this was coming from the very first day
I’ve played along and you’ve done all you could
Though I’ve always known it couldn’t be any other way
I was never staying for ever…even though I should.

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