Amy Gaunt

Rookie (19/03/1991 / London)

Biography of Amy Gaunt

hi my name is amy i am 19 years old and started writing when i was about 12, but recently i've never really had the courage to show my friends and family my poems, so i do not know if they are any good or not. i hope you enjoy them, they are all based on life experiences, some are sad, some are thoughtful, but i feel like writing my thoughts down always makes me feel better. thanks for reading, hope you enjoy! Updates

Torn Between Love

Sometimes its hard to find
A way to explain the thoughts in my mind
He was so real, he was so right
How does that feeling disappear overnight

Thought we were real, that true love I’d found
And this relationship wasn’t just messing around
He made me happy, there was nothing incomplete
But something about you sweeps me off my feet

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