Amy Gibbs

Rookie (5/12/98)

Biography of Amy Gibbs

I would think myself as a depressing and romantic poem writer. I write allsorts, but they are they main things I write about, as you'll probably see when you check out my poems. Apparently i'm a potential poem writer. The poem 'Make A Difference' is now in a book. I entered a competition, and now it has got properly published! I wonder if you'll like it! Updates

A Sunny Day In Falmouth

The bright sky,
The birds gliding up so high,
That made us decide to go to the beach,
And I found a crab, and I think a leech,
I think its a leech because of its colour,
And it was long, like a dogs collar,
I went into the water, and ended us quivering,
And when I came back up to the rock, I was shivering,
The Rock Pools were cool, but I couldn't find a shrimp,

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