Amy Jayne

Rookie (05/12/98 / Bradley Stoke, Bristol)

Biography of Amy Jayne

Heya guys! Nice to meet you! I'm Amy. My biggest hobby is writing poems and you guys must like it aswell. When I found this amazing website (which was 31/10/09) I was on here 24/7. I know it sounds crazy but this website is my life! I love! : -) I come from Bradley Stoke but now i have 2 homes because my mum and dad split up. So now I have a home in Cardiff and a home in Berkeley which is in Gloucestershire! Lots of hard words here! I don't miss my mum and dad not being together anymore but I get upset when I'm at my mums or at my dads I miss the person whose not with me! It's a little wierd but right now I'm trying to think of
a poem about my mum/dad being split up and how i recovered dreadfully. Anyway, I broke my arm when I was 18 months. I write with my right hand. I have short brunette hair and I have small blue eyes. I have one sister whose name is ruby. She's adorable. If you asked me who I prefferd Peter Andre or Katie Price then I'd say 'boo-hoo' because there relationship is 101% perfetic! I dont give a damn about it. It's there crisis and to be honest it seems like the public are sorting it out for them! My biography is going to be huge when I'm older! So you'd better keep a copy of it now! Otherwise you'd have to be paying £10 for this small section! I'm soooooo only joking! If you asked me 'what's your name' nicely then I'd say 'Amy Jayne, what's yours? ' if you asked me it abrubtly then i'd say 'bum-fluff! What's yours? ' hehe. Now you know half of my biography the other half will be safe inside the book! ! See you later if I'm famous! Or I just meet you randomly in the streets! Amy Jayne xxx

Amy Jayne's Works:

The Big Green Poetry Machine,
The Big Green Poetry Machine 2 (Mini Saga's)
I am hoping that these books will become succesfull!
Read them: they are £16.30p in shops!
A lot of money but funny poems! ; -) Updates


Why do we need our T.V?
When we have a P.C!
It's just causing pollution,
But we do have a solloution,
Put the T.V's in a bag,
Run around and play tag,
You'll end up in a good mood,
To get your T.V unscrewed!
So next time you watch a programme,

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