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Dawn Michelle 23 April 2007

Love your poems. Keep up the great work. =) -Dawn

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Kee Thampi 20 March 2007

Accept me for who and what I am. You may have known me once. But Im a different person now. I love the poems of this young poet......she writes from heart, fugitive in words and feels

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Luke Frake 04 June 2006

I really love your work, its beautifull and a great read. i really think you can go far, your work its self has brought me to tears. im glad your other the thoughts you were having, i agree how you feel, wrighting makes it easier to think. your work is beautifull. and im sure the that you will be fine, there will be hard days, but good days as well. hopfully reading this is making you smile. and dont worry im not coming on to you. just wishing you the very best, as your poems have made me want to let you no what i think. good luck with the future. and if you ever want anyone to talk to, i wont be just a wall *smile* xxx luke

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