Amy Kerswell Poems

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Fighting One More Day.

Sitting here waiting compleatly in vain.
All that'll be said is come back again.
But I know full well tommorrow is to late.
I cant fight another day.

Set Me Free.

I wish to be free.
Free like the wind as it blows its way.
Free like the rain to fall.
I wish I could have vented my anger.


Load of enemys are out there.
They all want to bring me down.
Enemys from the past.
Still viseualise in my head.

Scared Of Noises

Scared of every noise
Especialy at night
Every creek every click and clack.
Has me jumping out of my skin.

Lying Here In My Room

I lay here in my room
With not long left to stay.
I lay here on my bed.

Giving Up On Life

I did the last thing I knew how.
Did what I thought was best.
Did the ugly sorry deed.
Please dont judge me for it.

Jelly And Icecream Emotions

My emotions are like jelly.
One day they will woble.
Like icecream
They will melt.

Not To Be Found.

I wasnt to be found this time.
I made sure of it.
I planned it to the very end.
This time I wouldnt be found.

Now That I'M Gone.

Sitting here alone on the floor.
I realise I cant take this shit anymore.

Theres nothing more to be said.

Im Going To End It All

This is the final end.
Now its my end.
I must go now.
I cant face another day.