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Amy Louise Kerswell Poems

401. Risks And Dangers 8/3/2007
402. Goodbye Evil World 3/22/2007
403. The Silent Child Never Spoke 6/4/2007
404. Death Is Nothing At All 6/20/2007
405. Please Can I Have My Dad Back 2/17/2013
406. Not Ready To Say Goodbye 3/12/2013
407. If Only I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time 6/3/2007
408. You Can Run But You Can'T Hide! 12/9/2008
409. See That Girl Over There 2/17/2013
410. Only Hope Of Survival 6/4/2007
411. Elephants Dont Forget 5/31/2007
412. A Life Lived And Lost 5/29/2007
413. A Life Time Of Hate 8/13/2007
414. Suicide Pledge 8/13/2007
415. Can Pain Ever Be Clear? 10/31/2007
416. Abuse Is All I'Ve Known 5/30/2007
417. Am I Alone? 5/30/2007
418. My Final Goodbye 8/3/2007
419. Suicide Is Slow 6/16/2007
420. Letting You Think I'M Ok 8/1/2007
421. Decisions Made To Hell I Go 8/1/2007
422. A Way Of Life, You Don'T Know 8/8/2007
423. A Scrabbled Mind 8/6/2007
424. Nowhere Left To Fall 9/22/2007
425. Depression Owns Me Like The Devil 6/7/2007
426. Lost 6/3/2007
427. Suicides Hand 3/1/2012
428. Depression Is Never Clear But Suicide Is 11/12/2007
429. Inside Out Back To Front 2/15/2013
430. Going Mad 5/31/2007
431. God Took You Home 5/31/2007
432. London Bride Is Falling Down Like Me 8/1/2007
433. A Million Tears 5/29/2007
434. Numb Inside 6/4/2007
435. Grave Yard Suicide 3/27/2007
436. I'M So Sorry 6/3/2007
437. You'Ll Never Stop Me 3/22/2007
438. All Alone In My Fear 5/30/2007
439. Allone I Do Now Walk 5/30/2007
440. Another Day 8/19/2007

Comments about Amy Louise Kerswell

  • Me, an intellectual (1/29/2018 9:38:00 AM)

    The fact that you managed to bang out 400+ suicidal poems is impressive by itself. Most trolls who try something like this for attention give up after about five. The thing is, the dates when the poems were published don't add up. The streaks of 10 or fifteen poems a day and then a month long hiatus is weird enough but the huge hiatus's towards the end of your works just goes to show that the probability of you actually having killed yourself is slim to none. Whatever. (1/2)

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    1 person did not like.
  • Amber Millar (8/3/2007 7:03:00 AM)

    Amy, your poetry is amazing! I believe that you should publish some of your work because it is so brilliant! You might like my poems Perfect Girl, Hope you had a nice Father's Day and Forgive and Forget! please reply xxx

  • Walt Martin (6/14/2007 5:42:00 PM)

    Hi Amy! ... just a quick note to let you know that I'm 'officially' a new member with much catching-up to be done. As noted in an earlier comment, this date, I 'found' one of your newer poems. Although I lack the technical expertise to venture far into the realm of what is proper syntax, structure, and such, I did want to let you know that I recognized the depth (and power, hence the 'OUCH! ') in your poetry, and that I'll include your expressions in my 'favorites' to watch for, along with ten other poets I've been lucky enough to find. There's much (very much) that I've missed. I did want to let you, M.R., E.F., and your other colleagues aware of my appreciation. Thanks! walt

Best Poem of Amy Louise Kerswell

Depression Isn'T Obvious Suicide Is

Depression isn't obvious but suicide is.
My pain nobody sees.
My my mangled body they shall see.
My head was all but a mess.
Depression overtaking me.
Suicide was to be my bid for freedom.
Becuase deppression isn't obvious but suicide is.

Depression is never obvious even when its staring them in the face.
But now suicide will be obvious how can it not?
Now my life is too much to bear.
Suicide I shall commit.
Now its obvious but its all too late.

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I was imprisoned.
You put me there for my own saftey judge.
I hated you.
I'd suffered a grate deal of pain.
All I wanted was a way out.
Just to be free from it all.

But you punished me
You sent me to prison.

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