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heya there erbody
ok first things first, this space is way too little for me to write even jus a liitle about me, too much to write lmao! ! but seriously tho, and besides you only really need to know me as a poet more than anything and also, the truth is that i don't wake up the same everyday, have split personalities...psyche! ! what i mean by that is that the more you grow and experience life, your views and opinions tend to change, therefore you are reborn each new day otherwise you're dead meat hehehe! ! so you'll learn more and more about me as you continue to read and grow with me as a poet. Poetry is my passion, my life, that's how i serve God. I'm jus here to learn to be a better writer so please feel free to comment, bash, criticise etc, honest first please, i'd be much pleased and will do likewise. Jus so i don't feel too bad about your views and comments, the first poem i'm going to send will be in my native language so you won't say anything lmao! ! eish i'm a little shy now [laughs nervously]..3 things i'll tell you tho, i have a gap in between my front teeth, really nice legs i never show and when i perform i tremble like leaf! ! !

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If Not Me Then Who?

must i read books that tell me
who my maker is, written by you
though you come in many faces
claiming redemption and guidance
although i suspect misguidance
as i see past your disguises
tell me who you want me to be

must i give rise to your ego

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