Amy Ormonde

Rookie (January 13 1991 / Nancy, France)

Biography of Amy Ormonde

Bonjour! ! ! ! Jai mappelle Anouk. Jai Dix-huit ans.

I Have been writing poems since I was in 5th grade. I have based all my poems off of real events in my life. There is A lot of truth and troubles behind what I write. I hope you enjoy them! ! ! ! Have Fun! ! !
Merci Beacoup,
Anouk: D

Amy Ormonde's Works:

You can find one of my poems in a book named immortal verses. Updates

On My Own

I wish i felt a fear
a shrill
of dread
a tear
but all i bear
is this fear
of burden, of anger, of depression and rage
i can only fake my happiness
to cry