Amy Ormonde

Biography of Amy Ormonde

Bonjour! ! ! ! Jai mappelle Anouk. Jai Dix-huit ans.

I Have been writing poems since I was in 5th grade. I have based all my poems off of real events in my life. There is A lot of truth and troubles behind what I write. I hope you enjoy them! ! ! ! Have Fun! ! !
Merci Beacoup,
Anouk: D

Amy Ormonde's Works:

You can find one of my poems in a book named immortal verses. Updates

Originated Carnation

Though the soul cannot be taken
by the blood that had just dripped within it and passed that poison onto the soul it once created
to be confined by dreams of torment and sacrafice
by tormented soul only goes but without one beat
among thy heart and drops into the hole that once deceased
could be brought apon again
and the originated carnation that once bloomed so lonley
has now been tossed into flames
my spirits lifting even farther into the