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Hm, there really isn't much to me. I'm just a typical teenager, growing up in the same world as you. Trying to get past all the bumps in the road, trying to live my life the way that it wants to be lived.
Everyone gets stuck in the mud at times, and everyone gets slapped in the face (not literally) sometime in their life. Whether it be when they are younger, or when they are older.
I've had some really rough experiences, and that's what most of my poems are based on, as well as other random experiences based on my day to day life.

AmyMarie Rankin's Works:

I don't have any books published yet, but I am working on a book! Updates

Her Last Chance

alright, so i'm kinda not sure about doing this...
this is a book that i'm in the process of writing. it's just the very beginning. and i haven't edited this version at all... so let me know if you like it. and if people like it, i'll post more of it up.
this is just the first bit.

Her Last Chance - Amy Rankin
Based on a true story

Hi, my name is Amber Reedson. I am a 16 year old girl, living in good old New Jersey. It really sucks. Being a teenager sucks. Well, at least it does

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