Biography of Ana MARTINEZ

Born a Latin women, grow up with a mix of cultures, open minded but conservative (they are not opposites) I i love chocolate! ! and all kinds of sweets n luv wine! ! n yea... whiskey too

I'm a romantic person, too pasionate sometimes...and a lit bit crazy when the time is appropiate. I'm a lit bit demanding, but i'm willing to do d same.. I consider myself a good friend, trustful and loyal.

And my friends say: (my favorite references; D)

'Ana is like a shooting start you d wish to encounter at least once in your life. Spontaneous, energetic, caring, lovable, unique and so on, this list may go on. One thing you need to know is that when she lets you in her life, whether its 5 min or 5 hours you met, you ll feel like you ve been friends for years...' (Anthony from Montreal)

'AniLu Anilu is an extraordinary person with an exotic but very defined personality, committed to people she loves and always defending her ideals, an honest girl who is ready to listen and definitly, you can trust her. Besides, she has a funny mascot and a beautiful British accent, even some times her spanish is not easy to follow' (from Erick Rios)

'Anilu! is awesome girl, funny, intelligent positive n' so on! �¢���¨at her place we were playing cards, drinkin, talking, & enjoyin' tea! then winneee&chesseee :) �¢���¨I had a fungreat time with here and her mom's a beautiful person.�¢���¨�¢���¨(also have a really funice pet): D (from Issela Sanchez)

'She was so nice introducing me to the cs friends, plus talktive, humor and outgoing, i love her passion.nice to meet you my friend: -) ' (from Spark Chen)

'Sweet, funny, outgoing girl. AnilÃ?Æ?Ã?º is always up for whatever you can have in mind. She's always making new friends and she brings fun to wherever she is. It's nice to have shiny, bubbly people around and she's the best I know for that.' (from MArcos Garcia)

'When you see someone who is entirely unflagging going from parties, cooking, dancing, travelling and much more, you have to acknowledge that, she's undoubtedly like that, i wish i could have that kind of endurance =) ' (from Armando Longoria) Updates


Like I put in my status; 'I want more than just a sunset, more than just it's heat, I want the SUN fully! ! - no clouds allowed..'

hope u understand it...

Loving u but refraining it
missing you but avoiding it
wanting you but ignoring it

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