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Nay Win Tun 15 January 2020

No problem

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Charles Garcia 15 August 2007

Your Poem of 'Because a strong woman I am' is great, I found a simular situation in my life, I found Poetry late in my life, and I think I surprised a lot of people as they, all but a few, I feel show envy and resentment of anothers advantage, and the truth is we all have the capacity to write a poem. and is not expecteded from a Grandpa or Grandma. Reading all your poems and enjoying very much, I tried to buy your book at Barnes and Noble, they had no record on your books, I checked out on Amazon an in the process or ordering through them. Your compliments on my poetry is very appreciated, especiall coming from a Teacher, You must not judge me to harshly as I am only 5 years old, thats when I started writting. I would be a great student in your 2nd grade class, (Joke) I am self learned, have a lot to tell as I will be 83 years old comes October 29,2007, Charles Garcia

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