Ana Podarevska

Rookie (Kherson, Ukraine)

Ana Podarevska Poems

41. It Doesn'T Take A Whore To Love Somebody 5/30/2007
42. Is There A Possibility He May Be Human? 5/30/2007
43. Confession 12/4/2006
44. Overdose 12/23/2006
45. Cum-Passion 4/27/2007
46. Terribly Hopeful 4/12/2007
47. A Cum-Passionate Lover 4/27/2007
48. Monster 5/1/2007
49. Contradict The Mafia 12/5/2006
50. Aborted Sins 4/3/2007
51. Filth 4/3/2007
52. Bones 3/27/2007
53. Coke And Fury 12/5/2006
54. Slut 12/4/2006
55. I Am Heroin 8/24/2007
56. Suicide 12/4/2006
57. Justify 4/16/2007
Best Poem of Ana Podarevska


i lay entwined in your sheets
and cover myself with ragged breathing,
hoping the words falling from your lips
will be the words that i've been needing.
i can't imagine a lack of your touch,
a lack of your skin on mine.
with drops of sweetness dribbling down,
your bed is dirty with this lie.
but you don't mind, so i won't mind.
as long as i have what's not mine.
so long as we have a bit more time
to cover this lie with lovely lust.


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Youth Of The World

We say that we're too good for this world
And maybe we are right.
We were innocent youth, until they sold our rights.
Our bodies aren't our bodies, they are owned by our nation.
Our minds are torn between what they say and what we think.
Either be controlled or lose control, write it all in ink.
So that maybe after all of them are gone,
The new innocents will see, they won't be innocent for long.

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