(570 BC – 488 BC)

Anacreon Poems

41. Love's Arrows 9/19/2012
42. The Rose 9/19/2012
43. Give Me The Harp Of Epic Song 9/19/2012
44. The Dream 9/19/2012
45. Spring 9/19/2012
46. Wine And Song 9/19/2012
47. Wine The Healer 9/19/2012
48. Count Me, On The Summer Trees 9/19/2012
49. Here Recline You, Gentle Maid 9/19/2012
50. The Women Tell Me Every Day 9/19/2012
51. Youth And Age 9/19/2012
Best Poem of Anacreon

Youth And Age

When I see the young men play,
Young methinks I am as they;
And my aged thoughts laid by,
To the dance with joy I fly:
Come, a flowery chaplet lend me;
Youth and mirthful thoughts attend me:
Age be gone, we'll dance among
Those that young are, and be young:
Bring some wine, boy, fill about;
You shall see the old man's stout;
Who can laugh and tipple too,
And be mad as well as you.

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The Bowl Of Song

Sweet the song Anacreon sings,
Sweet notes flow from Sappho's strings:
Pindar's strains, their sweets among,
Add, to crown the bowl of song.
Such a triple charm would sure
Dionysus' lips allure;
Paphos' sleek-skinn'd queen would deign,
Or Love's self, the cup to drain.

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