Anahit Arustamyan

Silver Star - 3,064 Points [Ann] (21.05.1963 / Armenia)

Anahit Arustamyan Poems

41. The Portrait Of Jennie 1/18/2016
42. My Letter 1/22/2016
43. How Far Is Your Land? 1/22/2016
44. Should We Wait? 1/24/2016
45. The Dew 1/25/2016
46. Mirages! 1/26/2016
47. My Waltz 1/27/2016
48. My Unmasked Dreams 1/29/2016
49. By Thousands Of Miles 1/29/2016
50. My Love Poem Is For You 1/30/2016
51. I Write To You 2/1/2016
52. Don't Be Amazed! 2/2/2016
53. Life's Traffic 2/5/2016
54. In Deep Purple Dreams 2/7/2016
55. Two Hearts 2/10/2016
56. You Have Been Riding For Centuries 2/12/2016
57. To Cynthia 2/17/2016
58. Dedicated To My Poet Friend David 2/19/2016
59. Your Time Machine 2/21/2016
60. White Crane! 2/23/2016
61. Haunted Wood! 2/26/2016
62. Souvenir 2/29/2016
63. A Poet And A Poem 3/4/2016
64. What Can Melt Or Stay 3/9/2016
65. Happy Birthday To You! 3/13/2016
66. Goddess Anahit! 3/16/2016
67. Play Your Pipe! 3/20/2016
68. Life's Space 6/22/2015
69. Our Miles 6/24/2015
70. You Have Spelled My Ink 6/25/2015
71. You Are There 6/26/2015
72. Below The Sky 7/2/2015
73. On My Life's Page 7/5/2015
74. I Am Packing My Suitcase 7/7/2015
75. My Time 7/10/2015
76. Passer-By! 7/16/2015
77. You Invented Me 6/12/2015
78. Take Me! 6/13/2015
79. Tobacco! 6/13/2015
80. Illegal Immigrant 6/16/2015
Best Poem of Anahit Arustamyan

I Asked A Monk

I asked a monk if I was a cloud of smoke. The monk heard my cough caused by cold. In the world there might be something wrong. I can't guess the world's puzzle which is old. I don't have a key to my century's lock. In the world there might be somethig strong. The strongest drug is a rainbow's talk. A log was a willow in someone's song. In the world there is something short. Never think that my cough must be long! There will be another monk. There will be another cough or another song.

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You Invented Me

You invented me as Pygmalion created his goddess. Pygmalion fell in love with the marble's brightness. Are you in love with me or the moon's sadness? The weather is changing so the sky can be starless. Pygmalion had at least the marble's brightness. The blue sky wrapped in your eyes is cloudless. You have at least your hope's freshness. I have plenty of smoke in my lungs and my ink's madness. You invented me to have your goddess. You didn't make me of marble so my life can't be

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