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Im 16, a high school student, 11th grade.

I like writing, piano, I'm on the school Varsity Frisbee golf team & I have these awful Tiktok and pizza addictions

I live in Georgia USA. I was born in Paris France - which is why it says that next to my name but I'm as American as pizza.

I'm lucky enough to have also lived in Oxford-UK, Paris and Shenzhen, China for 2 years each

I used to write mostly poetic prose but nowadays I'm some trying straight-up poetry - and I apologize to anyone who actually knows what they are doing =]

One of my proudest moments was when a paper I wrote, in AP English, made the teacher cry " THIS, is what education is all about" , he said =]

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What if a ghost loves
me and using its powers
to keep boys away...

That would explain a
Lot. Does that sound Crazy? We're
seeped in illusion.

I spend my entire
day with the inhabitants
of a virtual realm.