Analissa Range

Rookie (July 25,1990 / Minnesota)

Biography of Analissa Range

Most of the time I like to write about very sad or very dark feelings, they just appeal to me, If I sit down and try to write most of the time it doesn't work but if I'm in the right mood the words just flow nice and steady, Think of it like a mood controlled writers block. the poems that I write depend on how I feel at that particular moment. One thing i ask is that if you do go on to read any of my poems please leave a comment or at least a rating I will always welcome constructive criticism.

Analissa Range's Works:

I haven't got any published yet but I hope to some day Updates


Why wont they listen to me?
they know im being hurt.
Why wont they help me?
Do they even care.
Why cant they see?
The pain shows in my eyes.
Why can’t they hear me?
They know I cry at night

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