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Am just another of my kind
with a kindered body, soul and mind
People say, am crazy & blind
Oh Yes, if they so call those who to the heart are kind!

Am not sad, for I've been hurt beyond tolerance,
and Am not happy for I've been the most fortunate among the unfortunates
Oh Am Insane! for I let my pen express what my words couldn't speak;
Oh Am Insane! For feeling your heart by lookin through your eyes...

Am everywhere, in the ebb n flow of life..
But Still Am Unique, for I stay transcendent to life;
Am the same in he, you and me;
And Am Still unique, for Am the infinite in the finites..


Computer Science Engineer. Chief System Analyst at GIS, Kottayam, Kerala, India. Trainer in C#, ASP.NET, Web Services & E-Teaching at Grand Institute of Computer Technology, Kottayam. Expertise: UML Modeling, Data Modeling, Object Oriented Analysis & Design. Researches: Enterprise Information Systems, ERP, Management Information Systems Updates

Awaiting The Beckon

…And it's just that good old twilight once again,

Bringing, through the lone window of this cubicle,

Onto my tired feet, the shadows from the past;

Faint, yet, profound enough; to emboss

The profile of the tree to which I once belonged …

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