Anashree Narainsamy

Anashree Narainsamy Poems

1. Heavens Angel 7/29/2015
2. God, Our Hero 7/30/2015
3. Heavenly Father 8/24/2015
4. Cotton Candy And Ice-Cream Cones 8/24/2015
5. Play The Hand You Are Dealt 8/24/2015
6. Dearest God 8/25/2015
7. Every Life Has A Story 9/23/2015
8. Looking Glass 10/5/2015
9. Thank You God 10/5/2015
10. The Battle Of Good Verses Evil 10/7/2015
11. We Can Fool The World, Not God! 10/7/2015
12. God Will Always Remain Being God 10/15/2015
13. A New Day 10/17/2015
14. Lucid Dream 12/30/2015
15. Smarties 12/30/2015
16. A Diamond In The Rough...Smarties 12/30/2015
17. Love Is Love 2/19/2016
18. My Sweet~love 11/30/2016
19. Nish....Nishin Govender 7/9/2017
20. For You Dad... (Samanthas Dad) 7/9/2017
21. For You Mum...7 Year Tribute To My Mum 7/9/2017
22. The Poet In Me 10/5/2015
23. Man In The Mirror 8/25/2015
24. Samantha 12/30/2015
25. The Essence Of A Woman 7/29/2015
Best Poem of Anashree Narainsamy

The Essence Of A Woman

She will dance with suffering;
And face pain in the eye,
Walks fearlessly beneath,
The stormy skies.

She will gracefully swim across;
A sea of tears,
And still have the ability to remove;
Your greatest fears.

She will give you strength;
And comfort you,
She can cradle the world;
So gentle, So true.

Hear the heavens echo;
How incredibly awesome you are,
You're God's sweetest rose;
And every homes north star!

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Dearest God

My dearest God;
Where would I be without you,
What would I be without you;
As I am all I am because of you.

You are my navigator;
My garmin, my very own gps,
You steer me in the path that is best for me;
You always keep me blessed.

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