Anastasia Rai

Rookie (September 12 / SantaFe NM)

Biography of Anastasia Rai

Anastasia Rai is a young writer first found on wattpad for her book Nightshade.
Born on September 12th in SantaFe New Mexico.
At the age of 5 she had found her talent never imagining being a writer.
Continuing to create her drafts of her many old ideas
and fanfics in her home in Mesa Arizona.
She has many other hobbies such as karate and playing her flute.
But she still writes to this day as one of her main focuses.

Anastasia Rai's Works:

Fading Ember, Nightshade, Annie's doorway Updates

All Alone

No one to smile back to.
No one to put your trust in.
When everyone is gone,
and nobody sings.
No one to laugh with or share ideas
When you're all alone.
No hands to hold no one to kiss.
When no one ever did exist.
No one to hold in your arms
now that everybody is all gone.

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