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Biography of Andhy Shakespeare

I be Andhy Shakespeare, Andhy and Shakespeare have graunt meaning for mee. ' Andhy ' be the tittle of my identity for a noble man in my etnic, and ' Shakespeare ' be a part of the identitie of ' William Shakespeare ', the best poet ever.
I be well interest'd to him, we both can be said like two peas in a pod. Poetry be my unseen true human and I grow up with it. I have stay'd and been one with it for along time, it shall be in unseen true human forever.
William Shakespeare, thou art the best poet ever, I will make thy style flying in the air highly.

- Andhy Shakespeare.

' The story book shall be read to the last page, when 'tis complete, no more can be read '

- Andhy Shakespeare Updates

Sing Of My True Human

O my true human
This's a large desert for thee
Thou canst look
But thou canst not hear
Thou canst feel
But thou canst not touch
O my true human...
Thou art hither
Eve be thither

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