Andrea Bailey

Biography of Andrea Bailey

I have as many of you lived through a bad start, a fair marriage, five fantastic children, births, deaths, lonely, happy, financial problems, abundance, suicides with in the family, and more, so I write about these things.

Finding God, I know his name to be YahSheua.

Friends, and so much more I am published in the library of congress and have won some wonderful awards, just by writing what you feel. I have interest in nature, herbals medicines, Martial Arts, I want to learn stain glass, I live in the mountains. sometimes the silence is so loud. I do how ever love it here. those are the basics I do not like to speak of myself a lot, but if a question is asked I answer it. I have two pen names Kalonicty, and Drew and I use my given name Andrea. Updates

Night Flight

Night Flight
It is with Man
that I must live,
but his society can”t give
someone who is different like me
the simple freedom to just be.

I work a job
all through the week.

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