Andrea Bencardino

Andrea Bencardino Poems

1. An Useless Christmas 10/18/2009
2. Words Separated Us.... 11/19/2009
3. Day Dreamer 11/22/2009
4. Helping Angel 11/22/2009
5. Im Not A Liar 11/30/2009
6. Lose It All 12/1/2009
7. A Beautiful Stranger 'La Bella Straniero' 12/30/2009
8. Hope 2/13/2010
9. Love 4/14/2010
10. What Is...? 5/19/2010
11. Mi Amore 5/19/2010
12. Okay So 5/19/2010
13. Why Does It Hurt So Much? 5/19/2010
14. Another Love Poem 5/19/2010
15. Where Do We Stand? 5/19/2010
16. Suddenly 5/19/2010
17. You Killed Her 5/19/2010
18. Broken Girl 5/19/2010
19. What Am I Suppose To Do 5/19/2010
20. Forgive Me 5/19/2010
21. Untitled 5/19/2010
22. When Things Got Bad 5/19/2010
23. Dc 6/27/2010
24. The Rain And She 7/30/2010
25. In The Rain 9/8/2010
26. A Lunatics Thoughts 9/6/2010

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A Lunatics Thoughts

long for the night
the thoughts
only get worse by the night.
night is the peak when our minds reach total isolation
when the most bizarre and horrific things seem to be the ones that only make sense
when thoughts become actions
with out a second thought
witout remorse or regret.
left with only frustration
in the early mornings
trying to understand why.
you look with such pathetic eyes
shooting questions without a break for breath
your looking for an apology
that you will never get.
I would ask you to stop trying
but I know it kills you ...

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Helping Angel

can you feel it taking control
while it aches deep within your soul
Ill sit beside you throughout the tears
Ill save you from falling
Ill always be here when no ones around
be here when you breakdown and sob
I'll give you a new hopein the darkness of night
so dont worry because I'll always be here tomorrow.

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