Andrea Lynn

Rookie (09-27-1985)

Biography of Andrea Lynn

Andrea began writing poems and lyrics in middle school and continued through the end of high school. As she pursues college the poetry and songs have been less frequent, but upon inspiration she enjoys keeping a poem journal and updates with the ones that people comment most on.

Andrea's poems are based on people in her life, life experiences of love and loss and all the emotions that come with daily and yearly change and growth. Her goal is to share her poems and hope that someone else can relate.

Andrea Lynn's Works:

Some poems not on this site were published by Updates

The Collector

Convenience is your middle name
let's do it let's not it's all the same
walk away as casually as you arrived
leaving women in your wake burned alive

Charasmatic, handsome, and aloof to perfection
easily you could pass as the Devil's son
smooth and relaxed easy to tell from your swagger
so gifted at your art very few see the dagger

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